Who Are We?

Our History

Before Property Sourcing, husband and wife duo, Tina and Tony Walsh had always risen up the property ladder by buying, renovating, moving in and then selling.

In 2005 they decided to buy a separate property from our own home, to let out for extra income. In principle this was a good ideas, although, with no knowledge or experience they made almost every rookie mistake possible. 

They bought two separate properties, both new build, off plan, from a local developer, just before the market crash in 2007.

This error in judgement somewhat curbed their enthusiasm for property investment.

Starting the Business

Tina then set up a property sourcing business in January 2012, spending the first 10 months researching how to do this legally. 

It became apparent that not all sourcers operated in this way and for some time she held the ideas for a book and a series of courses. 

These would enable her to pass on to you, as investors and sourcers, the knowledge that she has spent years learning and applying in her own business; helping you as an investor or property sourcer to protect yourselves against the rigours of day-to-day issues within our sector. 

Teaching Others

From this ideas her book, Property Sourcing Compliance: Keeping You on the Right Side of the Law was created. 

The aim is to enable you as an investor to have the knowledge to be able to identify the compliant sourcers from the non-compliant and protect yourself and your hard earned cash. 

To increase the awareness, knowledge and professionalism of property sourcers, allowing you to take simple steps to create a new or develop an existing fully legal and compliant property sourcing business; that is fit for purpose and will provide your clients with a professional service for many years to come!

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