Find out how I went from a police officer to getting injured to helping you become compliant in Property Sourcing!

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How I started my Property Sourcing Journey…

I started out when I left school as a police officer and I served in the police force for 14 years.  I was injured on duty and had to leave and that hadn’t been the plan. So I was stuck as to what I wanted to do. So I went back to college and did some studying around computers, project management, database design and development.


I ended up accidentally falling into the healthcare sector through my sister in law and her business. I stayed in the healthcare sector for a little while.

Eventually, my sister in law sold the business to a big corporate, which really didn’t suit me.  I think of myself as unemployable now and I think a lot of people say that who’ve been self-employed for a while. So the big corporate world wasn’t for me and I think I lasted six months and then it was me out of the door.

But the guys that had developed the management system for the healthcare sector that I was in, asked me to join them.  This was because I knew healthcare and how to design and build the systems. I was a great linkage for them going out and doing the introductions, the demos and teaching new companies that came on board, how to use the system. So I did that for a few years.

Starting my own business…

Whilst I was working there I kept thinking about starting my own business.  It was something my husband Tony and I had always thought of doing.  We’d always wanted a business that we could work in together. Tony also worked for the police force.  So, when Tony retired from the police force we didn’t want to retire from life.  We considered ourselves still quite young.  We wanted something that we could do…

Investing in Property – Rookie Mistakes…

In 2005, we decided to start investing in property.

There were no courses around back then that we were aware of and the idea that we had was fantastic.  It was to invest in buy to let property to gain extra income for ourselves.

We purchased two properties but we made every rookie mistake in the book!

We bought off-plan, brand spanking new from the local builder and it was 2005.  By the time it was built, it was 2006 and then we hit the crash of 2007/2008.  So, whilst we managed to rent out the three-bedroom apartment, we had to move into the four-bedroom townhouse. We had to live there for 11 years before we sold it on.  We still only made £85,000 profit on the property. So you can tell how much we paid for it in relation to how steep the drop was where we lived.

Moving from Investing to Sourcing…

That was quite a painful experience for us. We didn’t really want to invest in property again, but we really wanted to start a business.

I was chatting to a guy that was in the property sector and he said to me… “Okay, you don’t want to invest in property yourself Tina, how about deal packaging?”

My first comment was… “What is that?”

He told me to go and research it. That was where I started in January 2012.  I researched everything involved in sourcing and deal packaging and because of my police background, I researched the legislation and regulation as well as the legalities around running a deal packaging and sourcing business. For the first 10 months, I networked to help build up contacts and a network of investors.  I also built compliance into the business.  That was seven and a half years ago and we are still running our sourcing business now.

Helping other Sourcers & Agents get compliant…

What I realised very early on was the fact that no one really talked about the compliance side around deal packaging and sourcing.  It was like a dark little secret in the back corner and I didn’t like that idea. So, I decided to do something about it…

I wrote a book called Property Sourcing Compliance, keeping you on the right side of the and that was my end goal.  I wanted to tell everybody about compliance and I thought that was it.

But then someone said to me, Tina, you need to go out and you need to tell people about it, you need to speak to people. I was then getting investors coming to me and talking to me about how they had lost a lot of cash from using some sourcing agents.  From deals that didn’t match the criteria that they’d set or where they had handed over deposits and reservation fees that they then couldn’t get back. So I thought, well, maybe just maybe…

I now run regular training workshops and I speak at many professional property events across the UK. The goal is to educate and help sourcers protect themselves and their business with compliance and also investors as to what they should be looking for in a compliant sourcer.

Looking for some help & Advice?

Find all the sourcing help and advice you need on our website GET PROPERTY COMPLIANT and why not join our dedicated FB Compliance Group? SOURCING COMPLIANCE GROUP

In the group, you will find an amazing network of support from property sourcers, agents, professionals and more for all of your Property Sourcing needs.

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Thanks for reading!

Tina Walsh

Tina Walsh. My Property Sourcing Journey
Tina Walsh: The Journey

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