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Val Billingham

Matt McSherry

Property Sourcing Compliance Intensive
4 Weeks of Training & Coaching Support

Here's What You Get

Week 1

  • Understanding Property Sourcing – How will you source?
  • Decide on Trading Status – Sole Trader, Ltd Company, Partnership?
  • Legislation & Regulation – How do they affect your sourcing business?
  • Professional Insurance – Must Have, Should Have and Could Have.
  • Ombudsman Schemes – An Overview.
  • Business Plan – Keep it Simple
  • Business Bank Account – Set Up

Week 2

  • Policies & Procedures – What do you need by law?
  • Register for Data Protection 
  • .Register for Anti-Money Laundering Supervision 
  • Legal Terms of Business – Secure your Investor & Get Paid

Week 3

  • Due Diligence - Process for Seller, Property or Site and Investor

Week 4

  • Systems & Processes – Compliance & Registration Process Related.
  • On-Going Compliance – Staff Training & Client Monitoring.
  • Keep up to Date with Changes – Legislation, Regulation & Professional Guidance.


  • During the 4 week Training, you will have *On going support directly from Tina to answer any questions that may crop up about your journey to Property Sourcing Compliance (Via Private FB Group) Monday to Friday Only Between 7pm & 8pm.

 Future Training & Coaching Support

What happens after the 4 weeks?

Once the 4 weeks are up, you're on your own !  However, you will have an opportunity to extend your support if wished. 

An extra fee of £297.00 would be payable for 3 Months Extra Support.

Future Additional Benefit

As Tina’s profile increases investors wanting to use her sourcing services all over the UK regularly approach her. She cannot be an expert in all areas of the UK.

So, Tina has set up a ‘Private’ FB Group for those sourcers who have successfully completed her Sourcing Compliance Intensive Course so that they can all work together.

This will allow ‘compliant’ sourcers to increase the deals that they can complete as they can link up with Tina and other ‘compliant’ sourcers within the group.

Tina’s aim is to have at least one ‘compliant sourcer’ in every County in the UK within 18 months, allowing all of those who take part the ability to source for one of Tina’s registered investors and share half of her fee without having to find legitimate investors immediately after finishing the course; as well as the opportunity to partner up with other sourcers and do the same thing should the need arise.

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