PSC Affiliate Programme

For every sale made through your custom affiliate link on our products or courses available on site, you’ll receive 30% commission

How it Works

Simply sign up, create your link and share far and wide!

Step 1: Sign Up

Step 2: Select Your Page

You can either choose to direct people directly to our website ‘’ and receive a fee on any purchase during that visit, or select a direct URL to a specific Product or Course that’s available to purchase directly through this website*

Example below:

*Any purchases through our Thinkific courses won’t be selected under this programme. 

Step 3: Create Your URL

Login here if not already 

Go to Affiliate > Profile > Referral Generator

Add your URL section ‘12stepsworkshop/‘ and you should see a full link appear below, like this:

Step 4: Good to Go!

Share and embed your unique link where you’d like. Make sure to track any clicks and purchases through your account. Payment will follow through after confirmed purchases. 

Any issues or questions, reach out to Tina at: [email protected]


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