About Tina Walsh

Property Sourcer & Compliance Expert

Thanks for visiting our site - we are Tina and Tony Walsh, a husband and wife duo with a shared goal to increase awareness, knowledge and standards in the Property Sourcing sector. 

We have years' of property industry experience, and are ready to pass on our knowledge to Property Sourcers and Deal Packagers to make sure you're running your business the right way.

We can offer you a free 15 minute business consultation, so you can chat to us privately and ask any question. 


Tina Walsh and Tony Walsh Sitting

How did we get into Property Sourcing?

We gradually rose up the property ladder by buying, renovating, selling and then simply repeating the process.

In 2005 we decided to take the leap and invest in property, which in principle was a great idea, but we made every rookie mistake
possible and just before the market crash in 2007.

This error in judgement somewhat curbed our enthusiasm for property investment.

In January 2012 Tina set up the property sourcing business, spending the first 10 months researching how to do it legally.

She learned very quickly that most property sourcers don't operate legally and got the idea for a book and courses. Creating these has enabled her to pass the knowledge developed over 10 years on to you so that you can apply to your own property sourcing business.

What's our plan for the future?

The aim is to increase awareness, knowledge and professionalism across the property sourcing sector, to ensure that all agents are fit for purpose and provide their clients with a professional service; helping to ensure that investors don't lose their cash.


We will achieve this by providing training to property sourcing agents and achieve 100% compliance within the property sourcing sector as well as support for investors who lose money to unscrupulous property sourcing agents.

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