Online Training Courses Designed for Any Property Sourcer in the UK

Get your business set up and running in a matter of days with our specialised courses for the property sourcing and deal packaging sector. 

Easy-to-Follow Courses Designed for Any Property Sourcing Agent in the UK.


Learn Everything You Need to Become a Successful Deal Sourcer

In just 30 Days you will understand how to property source, all of the processes and documents you need, then how to set up your business in the most efficient order.

BONUS: Get 1-2-1 support through the National Association (NAPSA) to make sure everything you put in place meets compliance standards and works for your business, before you go out into the sourcing world!

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On Our Complete Sourcer Programme 

+ NAPSA Membership


Anyone looking to set up a sourcing or deal packaging business, this is the course for you.

You'll get ALL of the training and documents you need to operate an efficient, compliant and professional business. 

Plus, after 60 days you'll also get 12 months Members to the only National Association for our sector - NAPSA - to promote your business to investors & receive benefits such as 1-2-1 support and discounted insurance. 

£1,205.00 down to just £843.50 (ends 8pm on 31st December)


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Individual Courses

You won't find the same level of compliance training provided anywhere else. We make sure your property sourcing business is set up and running the way it should, to not only protect you, but any investors you may work with. 

Introduction to Sourcing

£49 now just £9.99

Find out in just two hours what's involved before you invest too much time and money


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Data Protection & AML


Top up your legally required annual training and get a certificate on completion


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Day to Day Sourcing


Learn how to find and onboard and investor, source a seller and package a deal


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Legally Required Documents


Adapt our documents so you can secure your investors, sellers and deals compliantly


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Introduction to Sourcing


Check that Property Sourcing is the right move for you before you invest further time and money. We'll cover exactly what's involved, how much time it takes and just how much investment. 

This is the perfect course for anyone looking to start their Sourcing career but not sure where to start. 

£49 down to just £9.99


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Data Protection & Anti-Money Laundering


Any director, shareholder or client facing employee in your business are legally required to carry out this training every year. 

We've designed this course specifically for property sourcers, to help it feel more relevant to your every day practice.

After you've completed the course (takes approx 3 hours), we'll send across a custom proof of completion certificate. Even better, we'll reminder you when it's time to renew next year - we know how easy it can be to forget!

Course Cost: £95

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Day to Day Sourcing Compliance


Understand what's involved running your sourcing business compliantly each day, from finding and onboarding an investor, sourcing a seller, through to finding, assessing and packaging a deal - plus what not to do when marketing!

If you're want to make sure your business stays on the right side of the law, this course is definitely for you!

Course Cost: £395

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Legally Required Documents + Contracts


Working with Forbes Solicitors, we've developed and fine-tuned all of the legally required documents over the last ten years for our sourcing business, and have now turned these into downloadble templates for you to edit for your own business and processes. 

We won't leave you hanging though! Each document is accompanied with a video tutorial to talk you through how and when to use each. We've also got bonus contracts and documents to share with you!


Course Cost: £795

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