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We have a range of support options for you - From fully editable documents and forms to Events and Workshops as well as VIP tutorials and Resources to help you achieve a professional & Fully compliant Sourcing business


We have a variety of editable compliance documents ready for you to customise for your business.


We hold events and courses with Professional Compliance expert, Tina Walsh to help you get and stay compliant.

Property Sourcing Compliance - The Book

12 Steps to Compliance
Online Course Coming Soon!

The sourcing industry is now under the spotlight from regulators, which means that you MUST be compliant or risk losing thousands of pounds in fines, or potentially face prison in more serious cases. 

We’re working on adapting our live 12 step course into a easy-to-follow online version – watch this space! 

What Can Investors Do?

Did you know that a large percentage of the sourcing industry are working in a non-compliant, illegal way?

Many property sourcers are NOT registered with regulatory bodies, have no insurance and little or no knowledge of the Legislation and Regulation that governs our sector. 

This means that working with them could put your hard-earned cash, not only at risk of loss but also possibly contributing to organised crime or even terrorism. 

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We've saved you all the time that it takes to research and write your own documents.
All you need to do is download, watch the accompanying training video and customise the document or form for your own Sourcing business!

What Sourcers Have to Say

Very positive and driven [1-Day Live] workshop to help everyone develop getting into property sourcing, Tina is very motivational and driven. Very professional and productive workshop.
Matthew Kaye
Attended our 1-Day Live Workshop
Tina is a real specialist in her field, I have been studying compliance for a few months but still learnt loads more on this [1-Day Live] course. Tina also had a real passion for compliance and really enjoys helping others on their journey.
Sion Thomas
Attended our 1-Day Live Workshop
Every property sourcer should take this [1-Day Live] course - invaluable, thanks.
Jodie Lane
Attended our 1-Day Live Workshop
Excellent knowledge and content shared, in a safe, relaxed and conducive environment. Questions were encouraged and answered comprehensively. Definitely a course to attend to understand the importance of compliance in sourcing no matter what level one is at.
Sharon Griffiths
Attended our 1-Day Live Workshop
Tina Walsh

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