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Get your business running legally

With our range of expert and industry specific training, resources and workshops.

How we make it simple

We have worked to develop a range of easy-to-follow workshops and courses, so you can spend more time focusing on business development


An annual legal requirement for Property Sourcers and deal packagers; we've provided a simple-to-follow 1-Day Live Workshop with certification provided after attendance.

Day to Day Sourcing

Ever wondered what you need, but also how and when you need to use it when carrying out day to day sourcing compliance? We've got you covered with our full 1-Day Workshop.


Combining Data Protection & Anti-Money Laundering training, as well as sharing all of the Legally Required document templates - giving you everything you need to get running.

Cost saving Bundles

Looking to get started straight away with everything you need? We've provided bundle packs to cover all of your sourcing compliance training needs.

Not sure where to start?

Your experience level doesn’t matter – we are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have, both sourcers and investors. 

All you need to do is choose a date and time by clicking below for your free 20 minute consultation…or simply to chat about your sourcing business. 

Tina Walsh - the ONLY expert in Sourcing Compliance

How compliant is your business?

We’ve created this short form you can take to find out how compliant your business currently is

What our clients say

Tina's knowledge is priceless. Her courses are affordable and provide unbelievable quality.
Conor Burchall
Thank you Tina for a comprehensive and interesting course. It can sound like a 'dry' subject, however, it soon became clear that being 'compliant' is very important in this arena of changing legislation. I appreciated your depth of knowledge and passion for wanting compliance to become an integral part of every property sourcer's business.
Vera Water
A thoroughly professional course that delivered everything and more for me as I start my new business in property sourcing.
Steve Dunn
Great course, delivered by a very knowledgeable expert in compliance. I’ve been worried about compliance for weeks, however my fears have eased after this course. I’ve also purchased the policies and procedures pack, so now have everything I need to stay clear of huge potential fines. (As long as I read and understand the procedures).
Mohammed Shakeel
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