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The Complete Sourcing Programme 

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Set up, run and market your sourcing business with one course.

We’ve designed this fully online course to give you everything you need from initial set up, through to day-to-day running of your property sourcing business.

Everything we teach has compliance in mind, so you know you'll be operating your business legally and professionally. 

Estimated completion time: 30 days (allocating 1 hour per day)

Offer ends 31st December: £1,205.00 down to £843.50

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Compliance Made Simple With Our Complete Property Sourcing Course.


Learn, set up, and start running your sourcing business compliantly.

We’ve designed this fully online course to give you everything you need to know on how to set up and run and efficient and successful sourcing business - giving you tips and tricks to put you ahead of the rest. 

For just £1,198.00 (course and bonus value of up to £3,000), you'll get the tools and knowledge and 1-2-1 support you need to take charge of your financial future.  

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Become a Compliant Sourcing Business in 3 Steps

We've created an easy, cost-effective process for learning and setting up your property sourcer or deal packaging business

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Sourcing

Including the processes and procedures for running day to day effectively:

  • Marketing guidance on promoting your services to investors
  • How to find and onboard investors
  • Understanding fees and¬†making sure you get paid!
  • Serious pitfalls to avoid fines or legal action! And what others just won't tell you (client accounts, insurance, co-sourcing!)


Total: £1,198.00 (total value up to £5k)

Set Up Your Business With Ease

Understand what you need to register for and in what order (it's important!)

  • Step by step guidance on registrations and order for set up
  • Access to up to 20% off insurance
  • Communication at any time with the team¬†for support (no WhatsApp groups - we like direct communication!)

Please allow approx. £800 for registrations and insurance. 

Total cost depends on which redress scheme you choose, insurance policy, and how many directors/shareholders you have. 

Access 1-2-1 Compliance & Marketing Support

NAPSA's expert team will check your documents and procedures to make sure everything is running as it should - giving you confidence before going out into the world + receive:  

  • Searchable company profile
  • Custom investor match with contact details
  • 1-2-1 Marketing support to boost your business
  • Private industry resources (webinars, Hub content)


All to give you the best possible start to your sourcing business at NO extra cost!

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Everything Included in Our Sourcing Course

You’ll have 12 months access to all of our training content as soon as you join, with guidance provided on the recommended order to complete.

If you assign just 1 hour per day, you can complete our course in as little as 30 days.

NEW! Document Checklist Cheat Sheets >>


Introduction to Sourcing

A step into the sector to give you an overview of the costs, time and requirements involved with running a property sourcing business  

Approx. 3 hours

Data Protection

We've adapted our Data Protection course so that it's relevant to Property Sourcers. This is legally required for each director and shareholder in your business, so you'll be ticking off a need-to-have straight away 

Approx. 1.5 hours

Anti-Money Laundering

Also legally required for each director and shareholder in your business, this content has been adapted so that it relates to operating a property sourcing business

Approx. 1.5 hours

Legally Required Documents

No business can operate legally and professionally without the right documents and policies in place. This is why we have spent many years working with Forbes Commercial Contracts Solicitors to develop these documents at a cost in excess of £5k to our business, so you don't have to.

Editing the documents is essential to meeting compliance, as no one document fits all businesses. 

We will provide you with all of the legally required documents you need as editable versions + a video with each to show you how and when to use. As a bonus, you'll get any changes or additions over 12 months. 

Approx. 3 hours + 10 hours editing document templates

Document Templates

Document Cheat Sheet (New June 2024!)
  • 3x downloadable checklist sheets you can use to follow:¬†

    1. Overall Business (what you need before you work with an investor)
    2. New Investors - 8 steps to follow for every investor you work with
    3. Sellers: Direct to - 8 steps to follow before a deal is completed


Critical to making sure your investor understands your terms and fees, including a 12-page Terms of Business Agreement.


Including AML Policy and what you need to cover GDPR


Check investors for low, medium and high risk. We'll show you what you need to assess and how to track for every new investor. 


From investors to sellers - individual, company, trust and via 3rd party. We'll guide you through step-by-step of what you need to know when completing your controls and procedure forms.  

+ Bonus DocumentsTo help you if you land in a tricky situation with an investor complaint.  

Day to Day Sourcing

A vital learning step for your business, we'll run through in detail all of the processes you need from onboarding an investor through to securing a deal - the compliant way.

We are the only UK training provider to cover this level of detail in the process.

Approx. 12 hours

Custom Certification

Once you've completed your Data Protection & Anti-Money Laundering (AML) training, you'll receive a custom proof of completion certificate which is valid for 12 months.

We'll also remind you when this is up for renewal the next year!


As a NAPSA Member, you'll automatically get 25% off this training each year


 BONUS Membership

1-2-1 Support to check everything you've set up works before connecting with investors

- Up to 20% off insurance

- Investor Match (contact details shared - no extra cost)

- Marketing Support to boost your business

- Access to Private Partner Webinars (insurance, redress schemes etc.)

- Private Facebook Community for networking and co-sourcing

Do you have more than one director, shareholder or client facing member of staff in your business?


You'll need to cover Data Protection & AML cover for each of you. Please let us know when you purchase this course and we'll send through a 25% discount link for each person (as part of your NAPSA Membership) 

"Thank you so much for setting up this essential course for Deal Sourcing"

Michelle Houldershaw

"This has been a real eye-opener on what it really takes to be a Sourcing Agent."

Daniel Hopgood

How Much Does it Actually Cost to Set Up a Sourcing Business?

Full compliance is not just insurance and registrations. It's about how you operate every day, with every client, buyer and seller.

Understanding 'onboarding' a seller or buyer, securing them, packaging a deal legally, understanding risk - low or high, knowing 'Red Flags' for money laundering, understanding a due diligence process and of course ongoing monitoring.

We will equip you with the knowledge you need, to help you avoid those property sourcing fines!


We work with a specialist insurance provider who understands the property sourcing sector and will customise a quote to suit your business profile.

Quote will be bespoke to your company

Beware: Some companies offer 'blanket cover' which may not be fit for purpose for your company, always understand the cover that you are offered and be sure that it's fit for the level of deals you source.


Redress Scheme

You only need to join one of two redress schemes that cover our sector  

The Property Ombudsman (TPO): 

Initial application £262 + Joining Fee (1 year only) £70

Ongoing: £262 annually

Property Redress Scheme (PRS): 

Entry Level: £145 (£150 cost for any complaints)

Enhanced Level: £235 (complaints coverage included)

All costs are +VAT

Registration: ICO

Legally required registration for Data Protection supervision.


£40 (year one)

£35 after through Direct Debit

Compliance Training

It's vital you have knowledge of how you onboard an investor, secure a seller, and finalise a deal compliantly - otherwise you're opening yourself to a world of risk not only with money laundering but series fines from HMRC. 

We will equip you with the knowledge you need, to help you avoid the property sourcing mines! 


(25% discount through our full course with NAPSA)

Legally Required Documents

No one document will fit all businesses, it is essential that each document reflects closely your business and how you work, not just a 'company name' dropped in here and there.

As above, we will provide you with all of the legally required documents you need to run your business compliantly


(25% discount through our full course with NAPSA)

Registration: HMRC

Legally required registration for Data Protection supervision. Please don't register with HMRC until you know:

What minimum standards are expected of you in day to day operation - registration is NOT Full Compliance!

£340 (1 person / 1 premises)

Data Protection & Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

This is ongoing training by staying up to date with any changes in regulations or interpretation and should be completed at least annually.

Please note that all directors, shareholders and any customer facing staff must have this proof of training, each with a named certificate (not your business). 

£95 per person

(25% discount through our full course with NAPSA)

Through Our Training + NAPSA Membership: Approx £2k


Outside Our Training: Approx. £2.3k+*


Ongoing (annual) - Approx. £1k incl. registrations, Data Protection & AML training. Again, this will differ depending on the level of insurance obtained and from where.

*Warning: There are a lot of training courses & companies that offer 'everything you need' in one place. Ensure that you understand what 'Full Compliance' is before committing to any course offered (including our own)!

Sadly HMRC and other supervisory bodies don't care that you didn't know, or the course didn't cover that, and significant fines are being much more frequently issued to sourcing agents; please ensure that isn't you. If you are at all unsure, please reach out to us, we are here to help, guide and support you.

Sarah, Your Support Contact is Ready to Help

Not sure if this is for you or where to start? Get in touch and we'll be able to provide you with more guidance specific to you

Let us know where you need help

Complete the questions below and we'll come back to you!

Please note, we may require up to 2 working days to respond depending on your query

What is the National Association for Property Sourcers?


The National Association of Professional Sourcing Agents (NAPSA) provides Sourcing Agents across the UK with support, guidance and access to heavily discounted training. The unique search tool allows investors to to find and contact compliant and approved Sourcers - the only platform in the UK to do this. 

As Members, you'll have access to the NAPSA marketing platform with your own bespoke company profile and 1:1 support. A great platform for starting your new business!

For more information about NAPSA visit:

Learn From an Expert Still Sourcing

Tina Walsh has over 12 years' experience of property sourcing across a variety of specialisms, and over this time has developed an expertise in compliance and processes. 

Representing NAPSA on property industry sector board meetings alongside other sector supervisors, and working in partnership with both redress schemes, as well as having regular communication with both NTSELAT and HMRC's Estate Agents AML team - Tina really is the best person to advise you on how to be fully compliant in our sector. 

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We love getting feedback, especially when sourcers have found our training supportive for their business

"Really useful and knowledgeable info gained. If you're aiming for Gold Standard, this is the course for you. See you next year for my update."

Steven Waweru

Data Protection & AML

"The sourcing compliance course was great! Really helpful in outlining and understanding your responsibilities as a sourcing agent. 

Would definitely recommend."

Richard Bagguly

Legally Required Documents

"Tina, your approach is just unbelievable...I agree with it 100% and am so thankful to have purchased this course because of this approach you have."

Dorothy Nyarai Chakani

Day to Day Compliance 

"Tina's knowledge is priceless. Her courses are affordable and provide unbelievable quality."

Conor Burchall

Data Protection & AML

"Wow, what great information and so pleased to have completed this to stay up to date with requirements to be fully compliant."

Michelle Houldershaw

Data Protection & AML

"As always fabulous and relevant content, delivered in the most professional manner. Tina really is "The only Sheriff in town" certainly in compliance and the property sourcing space."

Alan Clark

Legally Required Documents

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