Behind the Deals: Inside the World of Legal Property Sourcing

Apr 04, 2024
The Property Solopreneur Podcast - Tina Walsh & Rachael Troughton

This Week, Tina had the pleasure of joining Rachael Troughton - The Property Solopreneur on her weekly podcast 'Behind the Deals: Inside the World of Legal Property Sourcing'. 


The Property Solopreneur Podcast

With so much hype around property sourcing and deal packaging as a quick and easy way to get cash on the side, we feel it's absolutely key we deliver our message that yes -  sourcing can be a profitable and lucrative way to make money, with anything, it's never as straight forward as the 'quick cash' social ads like to tell you. 


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What Key Sourcing Topics Did We Cover?

If you've listened to Tina over the years, there are many areas to cover when it comes to deal packaging, sourcing and compliance, so we had to try and squeeze these all in to cover the key areas of importance: 


  • Property sourcing common misconceptions

  • What actually is a professional property sourcer

  • The importance of compliance

  • The consequences of not being compliant

  • What you need to know to be a professional property sourcer in the UK

  • Why property investors need to be educated on legal requirements of sourcing

  • Understanding buyer due diligence

  • How to avoid risks of money laundering in property 

  • What complaints procedures are available to investors

  • Understand of the only two government approved Property Redress Schemes

  • Upfront and refundable property sourcing fees

  • How to get insurance as a property sourcer

  • How do you keep your property sourcing business compliant each year?



About Rachael Troughton - The Property Solopreneur

Property investor, business mentor, podcaster and speaker - Rachael has expert knowledge of the property sector with over 20 years' experience building portfolios. 

Rachael now shares her knowledge to help property people grow and scale their businesses, by providing mentorship, and of course regular podcasts with guest speakers. 



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