NCA - National Crime Agency

Sep 24, 2023

The National Crime Agency (NCA) and its Role in Property Sourcing and Deal Packaging


As a property investor, you want to be sure that the deals you are making are legitimate and that your investments are not at risk of being linked to any form of criminal activity. This is where the National Crime Agency (NCA) comes in. The NCA is the UK's lead agency in the fight against serious and organised crime, and it has an important role to play in the property sourcing and deal packaging sector.

The NCA's focus is on disrupting and preventing serious and organised crime, with a particular emphasis on money laundering and the proceeds of crime. It works closely with other UK law enforcement agencies, as well as international partners, to identify and track down criminal networks and to seize their assets. The NCA has the power to investigate and seize assets that are believed to be the proceeds of crime, including property.

In the property sourcing and deal packaging sector, the NCA's role is to identify and investigate suspicious transactions and to seize any assets that are believed to be the proceeds of crime. This can include properties that have been purchased or sold using funds that have been obtained through criminal activity.


Who does the NCA work with?

The NCA works closely with estate agents, solicitors, and other professionals in the property industry to identify and prevent money laundering. Property professionals are required to carry out due diligence checks on their clients to ensure that they are not involved in criminal activity. The NCA provides guidance to property professionals on how to spot suspicious activity and how to report it to the authorities.


What action do they take?

In recent years, the NCA has been involved in a number of high-profile cases in the property sector. In 2018, it secured the UK's first Unexplained Wealth Order (UWO), which required the owner of a property in London to explain how they had acquired the funds to purchase it. The NCA has also been involved in a number of cases where properties have been seized as part of investigations into money laundering.

As a property investor, it's important to be aware of the NCA's role in the property sourcing and deal packaging sector. Working with reputable professionals who are committed to preventing money laundering is key to ensuring that your investments are legitimate and free from criminal activity.

In conclusion, the National Crime Agency plays a vital role in preventing criminal activity in the property sourcing and deal packaging sector, and property professionals should be vigilant in identifying and reporting any suspicious activity to the authorities. By working together, we can ensure that the property industry remains a legitimate and safe place to invest.