Compliance over Coffee: Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) - New Guidance

Sep 21, 2023

In today's edition of Compliance Over Coffee, Tina reviews the latest guidance from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) around what terminology is not acceptable or could be frowned upon in your marketing of your sourcing services or deals.

This is particularly important for Property Sourcers and Deals packagers, as how often have we seen online a new property deal posted as "great deal" or "ideal HMO conversion" or "great SA opportunity" to an investor - without realising that what you say or claim you MUST be able to back up with facts!

Taken from the latest guidance issued: 

Be clear about what your fees cover

Any significant limitations and qualifications to advertised fees should be made immediately clear to consumers.  The ASA investigated and upheld complaints that an ad which claimed to sell a property for a flat fee but failed to make it clear consumers would have to pay an additional fee to use their own conveyancer.


You can view the full report here: ASA - Ensure Your Marketing Complies with the CAP Code


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