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sourcing Mar 16, 2022


Develop & Utilise Your Skills

Understandably a lot of sourcers focus purely on the end fee, and how quickly they can get it into their bank account - of course we understand, as the sourcing fee is key to keeping your business running. 

What's sometimes out of your control, is the speed at which you get that final fee from all of your hard work. It's often not something you can change, even if you have all the right processes and measures in place. 

Something you can control though, is what you do with the time whilst you wait. Why hang on to just one or two deals? Focus on your areas of strength, or where you could look at improving?

We've listed out a few ideas below, but this really is down to an individual basis as to what you already have in place: 


  • Build your organic outreach
    • Do you have an email list of contacts?
    • Social profiles - are you letting people who you exist?
    • Do you have a website or company profile page?
  • Paid Advertising
    • Have you looked at targeting the right investors through PPC?
    • Registered for NAPSA to get your company profile searched by investors?
  • Housekeeping
    • Are all of your compliance documents up to date?
    • Completed the latest DP & AML annual training?
  • Training & Networking
    • Would you like to learn about another area property?
    • Ready to get out in the open - make some new contacts / find out what events are happening across the country
  • Other revenue streams?
    • Is there another way to bring in revenue outside your current deals
    • Could you manage a refurb project?
    • What skills sets have you got that might be useful?


There's lots you can be doing to utilise or build your skills, to either enhance your current business or find lucrative ways to develop new revenue streams. Don't just sit on the deals you have - stay active, stay fresh, and continue to learn and develop as the industry continues to change. 


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