Brand New Compliance Cheat Sheets

Jun 21, 2024


Are you running a deal sourcing or property sourcing business and completely baffled by what compliance documents you need to complete, in what order and when...

All this, just to onboard an investor so you can move on to getting those deals over the line?

We completely get it. 

With plenty of conflicting information online it can be easy to get confused over what you actually need to do in order to get an investor onboard, complete a deal, and ultimately get cash in the bank!

This is why we have bolted on a new addition to our Legally Required Documents course:


'Compliance Cheatsheets'

These printable one-pagers designed by Tina Walsh, give sourcing agents a step-by-step guide every time they onboard an investor or work directly with a seller. 

The Cheatsheets include: 

Overall Business

These are all of the documents you need to have completed BEFORE you start working with an investor. It can also be used as a checklist guide to make sure each of your documents are up to date each year...but more on that later. 


New Investors

For every new property investor you bring through your business, you can follow the 8x simple steps we provide to make sure you tick off all of the correct forms and processes needed to protect your business, keep your investor happy, and make you look 100x more professional than many other agents out there!


Sellers: Direct to

Similarly, any time you work with a seller you can follow our 8-step check-list to make sure you cover all of those essential documents that protect your potential revenue.


Use these Steps to Impress Investors

Why not look even more organised and professional when talking to new investors, by explaining the process you'll take them through.

How you'll cover all ground and make sure every ounce of information they need to know about a deal has been covered and presented to them. 

Investors want to see organisation - and there's no better way than outlining the onboarding process to them. 


"We know how challenging it can feel to find investors, then to have to work through paperwork, when in reality you just want to get on to presenting deals and getting them over the line. We've certainly been there!

Which is why I've taken my 12+ years of running a sourcing business and provided these 'cheatsheets' to speed up the process for onboarding investors and securing sellers - until it becomes a natural routine for you. 

I want you to be able to run efficient, professional sourcing businesses - without the confusion and frustration of dealing with documents!"

Tina Walsh - Property Sourcer & Compliance Expert



How can I get access to the Compliance Cheatsheets

These can be accessed by anyone on our Legally Required Documents course (or within the Complete Property Sourcing Programme. 


We are currently offering the first 50 deal sourcers a 30% discount on this course and once they are gone, the price will return to £795. 


You can find out more of what's involved in our legally required documents course right here. 


Even with a price increase, this is still unbelievable value as we take all of the pressure of researching compliance for you, to make sure the documents are accurate and fit for purpose.


We spend hours and ££££ each year working with Forbes Commercial Contracts to make sure these documents work for deal sourcing agents. 


The three cheatsheets provided work in hand with the easy-to-follow online training which runs you through the categories of documents you need for your business - such as Policies, Contracts, Controls & Procedures and Training.


Our fully online course provides you with a video guide outlining page-by-page what you need to update and how the document works within your business. Not to mention a downloadable template you can edit and customise specifically for your business. 


Get Your Documents in Shape in Under a 1 Week

Our fully online course has approx. 8 hours of video training to guide you through each document, plus allow some time to edit the documents to suit your business. 

So with minimal time and effort on your part, you can be well on the way to making sure your business is protected, compliant, and efficient!


This page has all of the information about the course and what's included. 


If you're looking for simple, easy-to-follow training that takes away the stress and frustration of understanding compliance documents, this course is definitely for you!