HMRC are on the case!

compliance sourcing Mar 13, 2022


Are You Prepared?

It would appear that HMRC are getting data from Companies House, and when someone registers a new company and hasn't registered for Money Laundering Supervision, they are likely to receive a warning letter - in the cases we've seen, this has been before they've even received their company registration letter!

It's something we've harped on about for a number of years, but this only reinforces our message to get everything aligned BEFORE you register your company, otherwise you risk a pretty hefty fine!


Get Ready or Get Fined

It's not just myth - this is ACTUALLY HAPPENING and we are being notified by sourcers of these letters. Make sure you're prepared, and if you don't know where to start, please do check out our training - or take advantage of a free 15 minute call. It could be the difference between a nasty fine and not. 

Absolutely essential training (and legally required!) Data Protection & Anti-Money Laundering. We offer a fully online course, or dates for in person training. For both you'll receive a certificate of confirmation after. 

Fully online course here (if you need to get confirmed asap!). Extra bonus - we're currently offering 15% off currently too!




Looking to get some questions around your business answered? Arrange a free 15 minute chat with Tina to see how we might be able to help.

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