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compliance Mar 13, 2022
PSC - How Compliant Are You?


With lots of conflicting information out there on how to keep your business running legally, it can get confusing understanding exactly what you need.

We are all about trying to make the process much simpler and easier for you to implement into your business from the get-go, and straight forward to maintain in your day-to-day processes. 


Find out what your business needs

To help us to help you, we've created this short quiz to outline where your business is currently at from a compliance POV, and we'll know from there where it needs to be.

There is no shame in any of the answers - the main thing is that we get you on track once we understand more about what you have in place already (even if it's starting from scratch!). 


Get tailored coaching

After you've completed the test you'll have the option to arrange a 15 minute 1:1 consultation with Sourcing Compliance Expert, Tina Walsh, who will be able to guide you on next steps.

Take the test here...

If you'd prefer more time to run through your current business circumstances, we would recommend arranging an initial 30 minute conversation where we can run through where you are and options for moving forwards - or for just a quick call, please select the free 15 minute call option below. 


Looking to get some questions around your business answered? Arrange a free 15 minute chat with Tina to see how we might be able to help.

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