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napsa sourcing Mar 13, 2022


What is NAPSA?

The National Association of Professional Sourcing Agents (NAPSA) has been created to provide Sourcing Agents across the UK with support, guidance and access to training which, all together will increase the credibility and professionalism of its members.

From our perspective, not only does the site promote fully compliant Sourcers - it also helps to boost their marketing reach and connect with investors. 

The idea is that you provide all of your compliance information, along with some documentation and once approved you are provided with a company profile and become searchable on the website. Bonus is that it costs investors nothing (unlike lots of other platforms!), so they can search and contact you completely for free and we don't take a fee for deals completed either!


How Much Does it Cost for Sourcers?

Well, not very much really - even for those starting out - as it's the price of a regular coffee at £3.15 per week. For this you get access to the following...


  • Use NAPSA as your marketing platform to reach more investors easily
  • Investors can use NAPSA to search and find You free of charge
  • Access to ‘Tonnes’ of free resources
  • Support and Guidance from NAPSA sector experts
  • Get reminders when you need to renew key documents
  • Exclusive access to other professional services
  • Exclusive access to discounted training and events


You can become a member here - and for a limited number of places, you can become a 'Founder Member' for a discounted price. 

As above - for investors it costs nothing at all. They simply arrive on the site, search their chosen criteria (location, specialism etc.) and select the sourcer they would like to reach out to. 


What Do I Need to Join?

You'll need your standard business and contact details (to make sure investors can reach you!), as well as all the legally required compliance details. We've got the complete 'checklist' you can access here. 

If you don't have everything covered on the list - you can either follow our 'Step One to Four Courses' individually - or get started on our Complete Sourcing Bundle, to make sure you have everything you need!



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