Legally Required Documents - June 2024 Updates

Jun 11, 2024

We have been very busy in the background making sweeping changes to our Legally Required Documents + Contracts course for Property Sourcing Agents to make sure everything matches the latest standards and requirements expected by HMRC. 


Check out the video above for a quick sneak peak behind the scenes whilst we've been uploading new documents and training videos - not to mention a completely new filing structure! 


What document changes have we made? 

There has been a terminology shift in some areas that HMRC now expects to see, such as 'Client Due Diligence' has changed to 'Controls & Procedures', not to mention a more thorough Terms of Business Agreement as well as Overall Business Risk Assessment. 


Over the last 6 weeks, we have made significant changes to 12 documents - removing some older and redundant templates in replacement for completely new ones. 


We have also streamlined the documents and processes relating to 'Sellers' and those to Investors' - with a brand new 'overarching' training video to arrive very soon giving our customers a complete guide of what document to use and when. 



New Folder Structure For Ease

From the video above, you'll see that we have categorised the sourcing documents into specific areas of focus - for organisation and ease of use when operating day to day

  • Contracts
  • Policies
  • Risk Assessments
  • Controls & Procedures
  • Training
  • Complaints (bonus documents included on our course)


We aren't stopping here...we are also working on updating three other documents under the new Controls & Procedures which will be ready in the next week. 


Our Job is Never Done

We are constantly keeping an eye out for new changes that have been announced - or not in some cases. Keep an eye out for tomorrow's Compliance Over Coffee which goes into one we have discovered just this week!

We rely on feedback from sourcing agents, our team research, and direct communication with HMRC's AML Team and both Government approved Property Redress Schemes (TPO and PRS), to make sure our documents and training stay up to date. 

It's an enormous job, but one we can't ignore as it's absolutely vital for sourcing agents on our course to stay up to date. 


Looking For Property Sourcing Documents & Contracts?

You can search online to find a range of templates, however these will be fairly default and we can't guarantee the quality or protections they provide. 


Our training and documents are designed very specifically for property sourcing and deal sourcing agents.


They are tweaked, refined and checked multiple times a year with the governing bodies and Forbes Commercial Contracts to make sure they remain in good form and fit for purpose. 


Depending on what you need: 


Just the sourcing documents and contracts:

Legally Required Documents + Contracts Course - £795


Set up my business

Complete Property Sourcing Programme + NAPSA Membership - £1,568 down to £1,198