Struggling to Find Property Investors For Your Sourcing Business on Social Media?

Nov 10, 2023


It is something we've seen a lot of, particularly when we estimate there to be around 15,000+ property sourcing agents or deal packagers in the UK, there is a lot of competition out there to content with. 


Things to Consider

Instead of posting calling for investor to come to you which can get repetitive, how about turning it to what you will bring to investors.

If you've already completed deals, you can make a note of what those deals have been to showcase the sort of deals you can provide...or if you haven't got any deals yet, think about what skillset you offer that will provide value to an investor...


Alternative ways of attracting investors

You don't have to have sold a deal to attract investors. Everyone starts from scratch at some point.  Educate yourself on the geographical area you're working, so you know your area or 'patch'.

Keep it simple and pick 1-2 strategies, starting with something simple like BTL. Remember, the only 'great' deal is whatever works for a specific investor. No one deal will be perfect for everyone. You need to understand your investor's needs and wants and let them make that judgement. 

Research your area thorough and understand the sort of properties available. Create presentations to build a portfolio of these properties so you can showcase the sort of deals potentially available - see if they would be of interest to investors. 


Networking...Not the Property Kind

Using social media to push investors to you is very unlikely to work. Instead, why not try networking...we're not talking about property networks as there are tonnes of sourcing agents saying the same thing. 

Instead, try your local authority, do they hold events for local landlords? Ask to be put on the list so you can be informed where local landlords go.

Business networking events are also good, as people may attend those who are also landlords. By sparking conversations with people you'll not only build your confidence but may start a natural conversation with a landlord who is keen to investor in your area. 


There are lots of other creative ways you can attract or meet investors, just try not to rely too spend too much time on the social media circuit, as with the numbers of agents out there and unfortunately a bad reputation on our sector as 'cowboys' or 'scammers' you need to maintain professionalism and stand out from the crowd. 


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