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compliance sourcing Mar 12, 2022


Hello and Welcome!

One of the main goals we decided when developing our new platform, was to make sure we could take all of the information and detail we've learned over the last 10+ years and break that down into simple, bitesize chunks for anyone starting or already running a property sourcing / deal packaging business. 

We've streamlined our first phase courses into key steps - with more exciting developments to come in the future, but we also wanted to deliver a place you can go for insights, news, tools, and resources to help your business day-to-day functionality - and sometimes your sanity!


What is the Knowledge Hub?

A place where we'll regularly post useful resources, tools, latest news, interviews, videos, polls, and much more. 

Basically anything that might help your business from a compliance and also performance perspective - we know that most key drivers for running a business are around profit, so of course we want to help you grow where we can. 


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Any questions - or not sure where to start on your Sourcing venture, reach out to our Compliance Expert, Tina Walsh at [email protected]



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