Discover if Sourcing is right for you

In this short online course, you'll learn how much it costs to set up and run a property sourcing business, how much time it takes, what's expected of you professionally and legally and you'll definitely know whether sourcing is for you or not!


Get the key information that you need to make an 'informed choice' as to whether sourcing  is right for you. 

Find out if Sourcing is right for you in less than 2 hours, with 10 key modules and 19 videos giving you everything you need!


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Expert Guidance

This online course is hosted by the ONLY expert in Property Sourcing Compliance - Tina Walsh

Save Time & Money

By knowing what's needed in advance, you could save thousands in training fees and hours of your time

Learn Next Steps

After you completing you decide sourcing is right for you - we'll give you the next steps to kick-start your career!

"Tina's knowledge is priceless. Her courses are affordable and provide unbelievable quality."

Conor Burchall
Property Sourcer

"Tina presents in a very calm & controlled manner. Her knowledge is incredible & her advice invaluable."

Bernard Bowland
Property Sourcer

Introduction to Sourcing

Learn if this is the right route for you, before investing your time and hard-earned cash!

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